Ekahau Explainer | The Solution for Reliably Awesome Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Site Surveys & Troubleshooting Solution
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Ekahau Explainer | Ekahau Wireless Design, Wi-Fi Site Surveys & Troubleshooting Solution

Great Wi-Fi begins with Ekahau, and a great Wi-Fi network begins with an Ekahau design — that is, building out your network with the RIGHT number of access points, positioned in the RIGHT locations, and with the RIGHT configurations to give you what you need — reliably awesome Wi-Fi.

When you design with Ekahau, you not only get happy Wi-Fi users, you minimize the risk of a work-stopping outage and you make periodic troubleshooting easier to diagnose and fix.

Because the truth is, Wi-Fi isn’t Set-it-and-Forget-it. It needs regular health checks to account for all the little changes you make day-to-day. Changes like adding new employees, adopting more bandwidth-hungry applications, or even just changes to inventory levels can really impact how your network performs.

Wi-Fi design isn’t just ‘mount some access points on the ceiling and call it good’. It takes an understanding of how Wi-Fi signals behave and the right tools to measure and validate that your design will work the way you expect it to. Even the access point manufacturers know this (that’s why they use Ekahau.)

But it’s more than just design. Your Wi-Fi needs regular health checks to account for day-to-day changes. Changes like adding employees, adopting more bandwidth-hungry applications or even just changes to inventory levels can truly impact the way your network performs.

Great Wi-Fi designs stay great with regular Ekahau surveys. The Sidekick 2 is the professional Wi-Fi diagnostic tool that reads Wi-Fi’s invisible spectrum and identifies interferers. And in times of emergency, gives your technical experts the exact data they need to make informed decisions and have better insight into your Wi-Fi.

And, that’s how you get great Wi-Fi. When you have Ekahau at all your business locations, you have fast, reliable, Wi-Fi everywhere, every day.

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